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Alyxis Pommerening

Fathers name: Darin Meiers

Mothers name: Audrey Pommerening

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1994

Places of Residence:

Freeport ,IL; Atoka, OK; Katy, TX; Bullhead City, AZ;

Brothers/sisters: Dakota Pommerening-brother, Skyla Pommerening-sister

Studies: in my last year of high school

Profession: none

Being Abused

The life story of Alyxis Pommerening - picture 1 me as a new born
well I don't remember much of when I was born I don't even know how much I weighed or how long I was when I was born but I do remember being born in Freeport, IL but that is all I remember but as a grow up I started being abused by my Biological mother (Audrey Pommerening) and her friends, April is the only name I remember but there was another guy and a girl but I don't know who they were anyways I was abused until I was four years old. Audrey would put me and my brother Dakota in closets and lock the door. she would sexually abuse us both my brother the worst because he was a guy and she hated guys. I had gotten burned by cigs and I would go to head start in clothes that had poop and another things in them, my head start teacher would put me in clean clothes and would feed me because I would go days without food so I she would feed me. I remember Audrey and April killing a little boy I think he was about 5 or 6 months old but he would not stop crying so they suffected him with a pillow until he did stop crying then put him in a garbage bag then burred him under a bridge I tried to tell people when I got older but they never believed me then my brother started telling the same story but of course no one believed us. I was abused until I was four years old and yes people did turn Audrey in but no one even pay attention to what was being said until they finally took us away it took My biological mother standing on a table with a rope around her neck and a knife in the one and a bottle of booze in the other for them to take us away and trust me that memory you can never get ride of you will always have it, but we ended up living with our great great grandmother Melba O'Neal.
End chapter 1

living with melba

I was four years old when I moved to Atoka, OK to live with melba O'Neal. I stayed with her until I was years old.
End chapter 2
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