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Eugene "Gene" Collet

Fathers name: Elmer James Collet

Mothers name: Victoria Pauline Prorok (maiden name)

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1938

Places of Residence:

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Brothers/sisters: Edith Anne, Thomas James and John

Studies: High school

Profession: Sales & Business owner

Places I have lived and time there and the family.

1. Long Beach, Ca.
2. Honolulu Hi.
3. Vero Beach, FL
4. Miami, FL. First & second grade
5. Palm City, CA. third grade
6. Imperial Beach Ca. forth grade
7. Oak Harbor, WA. forth & fifth grade
8. Oakland CA. fifth grade
9. San Bruno, CA fifth grade
10. Mountain View CA. sixth grade
11. Imperial Beach, CA seventh & eighth grade
12. Whittier, CA eighth and ninth grade
13. San Francisco CA.tenth grade
14. Paso Robles, CA. tenth grade
14-A Imperial Beach, CA eleventh grade
15. Lone Pine, CA. twelfth grade (It's done)
16. San Diego, CA
17. Spring Valley, CA.
18. Chula Vista, CA.
19. La Mesa, CA.
20. Sequim, WA.
I lived at different addresses in most of the cities listed above after Lone Pine.
As you can see my father was in the US Navy and we traveled a lot moving from place to place.
I have to say it was fun moving around the only problem was I never got to make any school friends.
My friends were made after Andrea and I were married. Tom & Joan Welsh being the first and most lasting friends.
Our three daughters came soon after Andrea & I married on June 15, 1957 in Lone Pine CA. We were really young.
Carole Lynn was our first daughter and she was born May 3, 1958 in San Diego. I was 20 and Andrea was 16. We had purchased a 24 foot long trailer with 1 bedroom. We lived there until #2 daughter Jo Anne was born on June 15, 1959 in Chula Vista, CA The trailer became to small so we sold it and rented a small 2 bedroom 1 bath duplex in Imperial Beach. After about 1 year we rented a 2 bedroom house in IB next door to Jim & Ginger Wait. (Joan Welsh's sister) and that's how we met Tom & Joan.
I got job working for Sinclair Paint Co. in North Park. The starting pay was $350.00 a month and I worked 6 days a week 7AM to 5PM each day. It was a long drive each day so we moved to NP.
The day we moved was the first time I met Tom.
He helped me move ALL out furniture and stuff. He became a life long friend.. He also gave me my first pair of golf shoes, more on that later.
On July, 30, 1961 daughter Deborah Jean was born in SanDiego.
We decided that wold be our last child.
End chapter 1
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