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Ikuyinminu Folusade

Fathers name: Elikena Woyisan(stone)

Mothers name: Olatunjoye Kayikunmi

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1992

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Rotimi

Studies: Student

Profession: Computer training

Folu history

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Life story: I ikuyinminu folusade adeyemi was born in irele in a village near the town in my father's mother's husband home land. My father was a native of ilaje while my mother was a native of aye in Ondo State. My mother gave birth to two son suddenly my junior brother died when i was still small. Later i realised that my father and mother are fighting. Later they divorce them selves, i dont even know what is happening because i was still small. Suddenly when am about to do my junior school certificate there is a bad letter that my father as died, i was very sad i can not do any thing , but latter i accept it, it is the work of God. When i was in senior school now my mother could not even try to sponsor me then i surgig to trained my self work like an elephant for me to see my money to did my waec. Later i found the money, i paid it
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28 May 2012