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Sidrat-Ul Muntaha

Fathers name: Saleem Sattar

Mothers name: Sofia Saleem

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

Clifton Karachi

Brothers/sisters: Habib, Muhammad Baksh and Naeem

Studies: BeaconHouse Discovery Centre

Profession: Student

The Begining

On the 22nd o f August 2000, a little girl was born and that baby girl was me. Everyone was happy because after four brothers at last a girl was born. My dad was happy, but unfortunately i was suffering from Joundince. One day after i was born but i was very weak but after two to three years i was well. I was born in Agha Khan Hospital, and my father tells me that my brother was jealous of me, and wanted my parents to give me away. i have curly and black hair. i was the second girl born in my whole family so everyone loved me. i love swimming and shopping. i use to like my brothers but now little bit because now he is busy in his studies and doesnt gives me time. i am more attached to my father then my mother but my mother is also very sweet with me.
End chapter 1
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