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jalaluddin -----

Fathers name: Fassiuddin -

Mothers name: - -

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1959

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: -

Studies: Merit engineering from PNS Engineering College

Profession: International Crickter

Jalal ud din

The life story of jalaluddin ----- - picture 1 Jalaludin
We all know that honesty and determination are two character traits which can make one successful in life and so did they help jalaluddin who is one of the finest cricketer to be successful in his career as well as in his life.
Jalaludin was born in 12 June 1959 in Karachi. His father's name was Fassiuddin who died in 1984 and since then he has to struggle along with his family for a better life.He went to a government school of Nazimabad Karach for his primary as well as secondary education.He took his graduation from the City College Nazimabad and then did his merit engineering from PNS Hawksbay .He had a difficult early life as during the partition his father left everything in India which made his family poor and full of struggles but still somehow his parents managed to well educate him as well as their other children,they supported him in every aspect of his life let him play cricket and with the help of his family support and his determination he was successful in developing a good career.He works in the Customs Cricket Academy.
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Jalaluddin's Cricket History

The life story of jalaluddin ----- - picture 2 Jalaludin as a cirketer
Everyone in life is inspired by someone or the other and has some goals and passions in life.Jalaluddin was inspired by his brother who was a retired brigadier and also played cricket.One of the biggest passions of jalaluddin was cricket and he always wanted to play in the Pakistani International Team and as he was quite determined he was successful in achieving what he wanted.He started playing club cricket where he performed and was given a chance to play for the Karachi team where he served the team well and then was given a chance to play for Pakistan and this is how he for the first time played for Pakistan.He was influenced by his captain Ghaffar Ali Khan who supported and guided him well.
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Jalaluddin's Achievements

After his retirement from the international cricket he became a coach and started serving the other young stars of Pakistan.He made a football club for the young Pakistani footballers to show their strengths and capabilities.He made a cricket academy too in korangi to improve upon the strengths of young cricketers.He holds mayny awards aswell as records in cricket.The biggest record he holds is the first hat trick of world.The decision he made which he cherish the most was to play cricket which completely changed his lifestyle.
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Memorable occation

The most memorable occasion in his life was the hat trick he scored against Australia in Hyderabad.He was lucky through out.We say when Allah wants something to happen it happens ,he was not selected for the match but Imran Khan refused to play the match due to some personal issues and this is how he got the chance and did an extra ordinary thing which was done by no one in the world before....
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One regret from his life

He thanks God for what ever he has bestowed upon him according to him i have no regrets from life thanks to God he has given me alot but i wanted to play more for Pakistan which i couldn't.
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Key to his success

Jalaludin thinks that the key to his success was honesty, determination and hard work.This is what he advises to the other people to have a good progress in life.One message he want to give out to the young cricketers is that if you want to play cricket and to be good at it you should go through professional coaching and be a proper and a professional cricketer.
End chapter 6
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